Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The FrameWork is ALIVE!

The Framework is working finally!
I have added my original MySQL class to the program... it works a charm, needs a few more functions added to it to make it more diverse, but thats not a problem at the moment.

Tomorrow I need to fix the register function on the users model, so that users can start registering to the database! Once I have this done, I need to some how get that data and add it to the minecraft Permission mod .yml file... going to be a daunting task but I think i am ready for it...

once the register page is tested and working I can upload it to the main server on and release the Minecraft server for other people to start using!! YAY!!!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Todays Progress

Ok, so I haven't had much progress today.

I have successfully loaded the models, and also added a Data/database driver settings in the config file, so that the user can choose how they want their data to be saved and manipulated...

I am hoping to add MySQL, SQLite, flat file/text file, encrypted flat file/data file support for the data driver.

Now for the things I need to fix tomorrow, since I am being told by the girlfriend to get to bed :P
-Fix the model loader... for some reason I cant put a __construct function on the Controllers.

Its getting late, half way through writing this blog entry I came up with an idea for the Model and Controller to work, but it didn't work and ate into my time..

So Thats all for today!

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Rebuild Of

My first post, don't know why I'm exactly doing this, I guess this is more of just a notepad for myself to write notes down and keep a record of what I am doing with what... Mainly for projects...

The SphyrixCMS is finally at a release stage, may only be simple but its a good base to start from after this weeks stuffing around trying to get stuff to work on windows and linux servers... but now that its done i can finally start looking into adding functionality to the framework...

Things I want to implement in the very near future are:

+Add Template Functionality
+Do a test model
+Add MySQL Class to Library
+Add Session Class To Library
+Add FTP Class To Library
+Loading Of Views And Models needs more error control
+system logging needed
+Error Functionality Needed - better error reporting etc.
+Load time needs to be made more flexable with placing it where user wants it

Also on that note I need to go through the existing code and clean a few things up, I know I left a few comments here and there reminding me to do things a little better, or things that i needed for testing and now they are useless and taking up memory.

Thats all for today I think...