Monday, 25 April 2011

The Rebuild Of

My first post, don't know why I'm exactly doing this, I guess this is more of just a notepad for myself to write notes down and keep a record of what I am doing with what... Mainly for projects...

The SphyrixCMS is finally at a release stage, may only be simple but its a good base to start from after this weeks stuffing around trying to get stuff to work on windows and linux servers... but now that its done i can finally start looking into adding functionality to the framework...

Things I want to implement in the very near future are:

+Add Template Functionality
+Do a test model
+Add MySQL Class to Library
+Add Session Class To Library
+Add FTP Class To Library
+Loading Of Views And Models needs more error control
+system logging needed
+Error Functionality Needed - better error reporting etc.
+Load time needs to be made more flexable with placing it where user wants it

Also on that note I need to go through the existing code and clean a few things up, I know I left a few comments here and there reminding me to do things a little better, or things that i needed for testing and now they are useless and taking up memory.

Thats all for today I think...

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